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Angry Vetters

                                             Letter to McAuliffe

April 29, 2003

Terrence R. McAuliffe
Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street, S.E.
Washington, DC 20003


Mr.  McAuliffe:


I am a registered voter and past Precinct Captain for the Democratic Party.  I work at a major motion picture studio during the day and teach English Composition at a community college in the evening.  I have a small pit bull named Lucy.


I recently received your “Democratic Presidential Strategy Poll.”  I was surprised that your letter of introduction made no mention of the current military actions in Iraq and the larger “War on Terrorism.”  Most of the people I associate with—an overwhelmingly Democratic group—feel that this is the most pressing issue facing the country.  Most of the people I associate with feel that the Democratic party has not offered sufficient opposition to the Bush Administration’s unilateral militarism and simultaneous assault on civil liberties.  Most of the people I associate with feel that the Democratic party offers no alternative to a war without end, and are considering voting Green in the next Presidential election.


They are not being irrational. Our current drive towards unilateral military options will make almost all of the topics you did mention in your letter irrelevant.  You propose that we elect a Democrat who will “…defend our environment, invest in education…” and “…keep Social Security benefits safe, sound and guaranteed.”  Well, no Chief Executive is going to be able to achieve any of those goals while engaged in a worldwide military campaign.  And if geopolitical tensions continue to increase because of our cowboy diplomacy, then we will have much more to worry about than those basic comforts.


Ignoring the “War on Terrorism,” isn’t going to win the Democrats any votes in 2004; addressing it will. 




Curt Duffy

                                                Letter to Feinstein

December 6, 2005

The Honorable Dianne Feinstein
11111 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 915

Los Angeles, CA  90025

Dear Senator Feinstein:


Although I generally support the consensus of the Democrats, I take great umbrage with those in the party, including you, who sided with a fascist Administration to lead this country into the illegal, immoral, and ineffective invasion of Iraq.


Granted, public opinion, even in the highly educated state you represent, was, at the time of the invasion, in favor of such disastrous foreign policy—but you, as a United States Senator, and previous defender of reason, should have stood firm against the vagaries of the frightened mob and said: “This is not right.”


Only now, now that Cindy Sheehan, one of your very own constituents, was able to show the resolve you lack, have you begun to murmur that the decision to go to war was wrong.  It’s only a been a murmur.


I invite you to join us—the Democrats who care about human rights, economic justice, and a government with checks and balances—on March 20 of next year, when we once again take to the streets to protest the anniversary of the Iraq Invasion.   It’ll be more than a murmur—it might even be redemption.





Curt Duffy